Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Ramblings

Yesterdays run was not as fulfilling as Mondays but it was easier to complete. Same thing as monday 5 mins warm up 2:15 run 45 walk x4 then a 5 minute cool down. My HR avg was 137 and the max was 154, that made me feel better.

I was all primed to climb the stairs yesterday but my wife had other plans for me. So I had to skip out on it. Next week I am going for sure.

The weight is melting off at a surprising pace, I think the low calorie diet is helping a lot as well. But oh boy would a steak taste good right now. I need to broaden my knowledge of Vegetarian dishes. Right now when I do a no meat day I end up eating pasta cause well that is all I know how to make. :P Oh yeah and Veggie rolls from the Sushi Boat in Oakland. My favorite lunch place in all of the world.

Speaking of sushi, I watched a Japanese documentary yesterday and found out that I eat it completely wrong. I use chop sticks, they said don't. I dip rice first, they said flip it over and dip fish first. Well, now I know and will test it out tomorrow at lunch when I go.

I feel blah today, I want to get up and go but the energy just isn't there. I don't think I am getting sick, I just think my sleep pattern is all out of whack. The dogs don't like it when I hit snooze, they want me up and out of bed so they can go outside. They attack me as soon as the alarm goes off.

Well, Guess I should go start my day, going to walk at lunch. Also I hear that there is a break in the weather coming tomorrow and I may get to run outside!!!!! Can't wait for spring.


Winnston said...

I get those blah days. That's when you need to either change things up and do something different, or take a day off. Don;t let yourself get into a rut. You are on an excellent roll, and falling in a rut is the last thing you need. Rather than the gym, why not take it outside. I know it is freezing cold, but it will be a change of pace. I have run when it is in the high teens, and its not so bad when you get going.

I would say just try altering things or take an extra day off

I notced you are posting this at 2AM. Bro - you gotta get the sleep, too.

Stan said...

Well if you look you posted that at 3:30am :P I think the server must be on the west coast. I posted that before I went to work :P

I tried going outside on Friday, was 35 when I went out there but I failed miserably. I was exhausted from a long week of work and I just didn't have the energy that I needed to run.

Yesterday we spent the day at the barn with the horses and helping clean out a large portion that was full of old wood and what not. That was a good alternate workout :)

I am taking the weekend off from running, letting my body rest up and getting ready for the next leg of the program on Monday.

I'll make it, just really longing for sunshine and warm weather.