Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh Yeah!

I got to sleep in this morning. In my home this is a rarity since the dogs usually wake me up at 5 am to go out everyday. I guess they are trained to when I get up for work. Today started week 3 in the 4 weeks to a mile program. I was nervous about it because I didn't have this one downloaded until about an hour before I went to the gym.

So I downloaded it. Looked at what he wanted me to step up to and was like OMG I can't do that yet. I was doing 90 seconds running 90 seconds walking x4. He wanted me to go to 2mins 15 secs running 45 secs walking x4. I didn't think I was ready. But, I am not going to quit, so I decided ok i'll try it.

The gym was crowded, but luckly no one there knows what I am supposed to do today but me. So no one will know if I fail. I stepped up on the treadmill and started with the 5 min warm up. While I was warming up I still had my doubts. Could I really run this. But the voice said hey lets run and I went. Set one was easy, soon as I hit the first walk I really didn't want to. But I did what the voice told me to do. Looked down at my heart rate 150. I was thinking WOW no too bad. Set two was a little tougher but still easy, I still wasn't huffing and puffing, but I was sweating pretty good at this point. Walked again, turned my hat backwards for a little encouragement and kept going on. Heart rate at the end of set two 160. Ok, so now I was a little worried, 45 secs later... 145. Ok now that is better oh god set three. Set three, little huffing and puffing but not too bad. To be honest all I really kept thinking was why the hell do they have soap operas on the tv. Heart rate 160 again. Hmm cool. So I walked the last 45 secs... waiting ok RUN. Set four, 1/2 wat through I realized this was the last set. My goal was almost completed. I knocked the treadmill up at .5 and kept going. Ok your done, heart rate 165.

The dude told me to walk and cool down for 5 mins. The woman next to me looked over at me and saw the big grin on my face and stopped walking on her treadmill, grabbed her purse and left. (not kidding) I was so happy I wanted to scream. I did it.

After the 5 mins, I went in the back room did some streches. I am noticing a huge difference in my legs on how far I can strech before I feel any pain. Then I was still so pumped. I hit the elipictal for 5 mins backwards ( hate going backwards but it really has been helping with leg strength)

Came home. Screamed I did it and then ate a bowl of bean soup. Even threw a few crackers in as a reward.

I did it... 2 more of these... week 4 and I am going to tackle that mile...



Sarah said...

That is awesome!!! You are almost there!

I laughed out loud when I read about the woman next to you...too funny! I wonder what she was thinking. :)

Stan said...

I think she though I was going to steal her purse... not sure but it made me laugh pretty good.

robison52 said...

Congrats on completing a very tough'll be running a mile soon enough, just don't do too much, too soon. Yeah, I rarely watch the soaps or business reports on the gym's telly...I would rather listen to music and zone out.

Winnston said...

Sounds like you are right there, Stan. And it is smart to stick with the program. In a couple of weeks you'll be running a mile.

Not too shabby!

PS- as for the woman next to you, are you sure you weren't splashing her? I really have to watch that I don't do that


Tanya said...

Great job on the workout-keep up the good work. I can't wait to read your post about your first mile!

WendyBird said...

Awesome job! At this point it is so much more mental than physical. Just wrapping your brain around the concept of running a whole mile is more than half the battle. You can do it!!!