Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Coopers Test

Well, I did it. Not too impressive but considering 3 months ago I could barley walk a mile at a fast pace. My distance covered was 8 tenths of a mile. Can't wait to get that up higher.

Today I also got enrolled in the Biggest Loser contest. So we will see where that leads to. If I don't win you will all get to see my shirtless on there. Of course that may scare most of you away :)

On the meet up running group I joined one of the guys suggested that I may want to do a race here in June called the Rachel Carson Challenge. It's a 35 mile hike that you have to complete in at least 15 hours. They are going to start training for it soon. I don't have any notion that I could ever run it. But I think by June I could be able to complete this. So I am thinking about it. Sounds like a lot of fun. Just one more thing for my friends to look at me and go wow you are nuts. :)


WendyBird said...

The RCT Challenge sounds awesome! I'd love to do something like that! There are so many cool challenges out there, a whole world to discover :-)

robison52 said...

No matter how you'll do in the Biggest Loser the extra motivation will already make you a winner!

The RCT sounds like an ultra-marathon! I'm hoping to run a 50k in April if my knee gets better.

Tanya said...

The challenge sounds like fun! You're well on your way to "geek to athlete transformation". Maybe you'll be an athletic geek? the best of both worlds! I love Biggest Loser. When I lost weight, I spent every evening the show was on tv on my elliptical slogging away while I watched the show. I'm still addicted to the show!

Stan said...

You know I hated the Biggest Loser when it first came on. I just assumed it was another dumb reality show. But once I watched it ans saw what they were doing I found out it wasn't so bad.

The RCT is going to be fun to train for can't wait to try it :)

greentigress said...

Hi I think the RCT sounds difficult! Long walks are great fun tho...!

Stan said...

I think the whole challenge of it would be fun. There are already some complications that i need to work out though. Everyone is going out of town and I won't have anyone to get me there or pick me up... its a 35 mile one way, starts one place and finishes somewhere else. But I am working on that already :)

Winnston said...

35 miles? That is a heck of a distance. Are you sure that is not too long?

How about walking a 10k distance, or a 1/2 Marathon?

As for the Biggest Loser, that show has been my favorite since day 1. I have never missed a single episode. Last season was a change of pace and a bit nasty, but it looks like this season has some great people on it!

Stan said...

Not if I start training for it now. I wouldn't be running at all. All walking I figure if I can get and keep a 20 min mile pace it's doable. I just don't know how rough the trail is.