Saturday, January 10, 2009


Went on my first hike today with the hiking meetup. Was a great time, the weather cooperated mostly. Freezing rain started to fall at the end of it. But we trucked on, and kept going.

We went to a park in the middle of the city called Frick park. I knew it was there but I never knew how large it actually was. I am not sure how far we hiked but I know it was over 3 miles. We started at 10:15 and finished at 12:30. We walked forever and I kept up with the group mostly, (there were a couple of people that went way out front).

In the summer, when there is less ice and snow, these trails will be great to run on. It's quiet in there and they go on forever. I can't wait to go back there. So much better than running the streets or a track near my house.

I also talked to one of the guys on the hike about Kayaking in the summer. That is something I have always wanted to learn how to do. Not the whitewater stuff, but just heading out on a lake and looking around.

I have noticed over the past couple days that my legs are getting stronger, so things are starting to come together.

Oh yeah, this is kind of important. I LOST 40 LBS SO FAR! That is 1/2 way to my goal of loosing 80 LBS. I went to REI and bought myself a nice running shirt as a reward. They were having a 1/2 off sale. Nice to be closer to my goal :)q


robison52 said...

I love hiking at Mount Charleston, which was very helpful when I first started exercising to lose weight. Maybe you're a trail racer in the future?

I also had small rewards when I had reached weight milestones...all rewards were non-food related!! The REI stores are fantastic!!! Many sport stores are currently having huge discounts.

WendyBird said...

Great job! I love running in wooded parks like that, so calming and beautiful! I used to kayak as a teenager, (across the harbor to get pizza, LOL,) and would love to do it again.
Great job on the weight loss! I have to admit, my next weight loss goal will be rewarded with a jelly doughnut :-)

Stan said...

I think I will end up doing both. Trail running sounds like a lot of fun and I would enjoy it, but there is something about just running out the front door that I like too.

Wendy, I can't eat donuts all that often. My first job was in a donut shop and sometimes even the smell of them still makes my stomach turn.

If I had to pick a fattening reward it would a hot fudge sundae. But not until I step on the scale and see it starting with a 1 :)

Winnston said...


The trails are great! The problem in the summer on the trails for me are bugs and poison ivy. Going early and late in the season is best.

Funny that you mention kayaking. I had been thinking about it for years and never got around to it until this summer. There is a rental place right by me. I live on the long island sound, and just took the boat out for 2 hours. It was great!! They make - and rent- kayaks for big guys like us.
Look for a place by you and make plans to do it one weekend in the summer. YOu can get a tandem boat and bring your kid.
I did..