Monday, August 12, 2013

2 Miles....

Yes, I reached the 2 mile mark. Not fast at all but I did reach it. I figure speed will come in time. For now I am just enjoying the ride.

I went to the doctors and he took me off one of my Blood Pressure medications with the stipulation that I have to check it a couple times a day, under stress and what not. So I know where it really is. So far we are still in the normal range so keep your hopes up!

Running is getting easier and days off are starting to bother me. It's hard to NOT run now. I even take walk breaks at work and walk about 1/4 mile 2 or 3 times a day. (can't be gone too long). The other day it rained so hard it turned into a 1/4 mile run :) I didn't even break a sweat and I wasn't breathing hard at all when I got back in the office.

I love my garmin, I love being able to see what I did and why I slowed down/sped up. I am keeping a pretty steady pace now as well. But I would like it to be faster but again, that will come in time. It's only been 7 weeks, I am running 2 miles, what more can I ask for. Yeah I know i could be going further but I don't want to risk another 3 years for it. I like not hurting all day :)

Just wanted to check in, will post more soon.....

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week 6 ..... DUN!

Wow week 6 is done. Wasn't as bad as I thought to be honest. My pace was a little slower but the heat is coming back and I over did it on the hills this week so my legs are sore.

I need to work on pacing and resting. I really hate taking a day off. I want to run all the time but I know I am not ready for that. Today though there will be no running cause we are visiting a college for my daughter. She is looking at a school in Columbus. She is looking at the school I am looking at how flat the campus is and how good it would be to run on. Am I sick or what?

Also, I bought my garmin finally! I just got it yesterday so I can't wait to try it out. Tomorrow starts week 7 no more walking all running all week. I would worry normally but I haven't had a day I couldn't do yet. So while I am getting faster, I am gaining distance again. That 5K can't come fast enough :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Dreaded Mile.

So I am doing the Couch to 5k plan with my daughter. I did this before alone but I never totally finished it the program.

We just finished week 5 this morning. :)

When we started the program, I think it was about 90 on day one, with about 80% humidity. We also ran in a field that is across the street from my house instead of on the road. Today was only 60 and there was a nice cool breeze. It was absolutely incredible.

Now, I live 5 miles from anything. I mean if you Google map me there is nothing around except for farms. I love it out here, but the roads are narrow country roads and some of the cars tend to not pay attention. My thought was run the field, but it's a training ring for horses so the ground is really rutted from them.

We have been going out to a track as well that is near us ( nothing is near us but it's as near as you can get ). I like running a track sometimes, but it can get boring. The roads however, well they are awesome, but really hilly. But to be honest I think when I am at the track I miss the hills more than anything. To give you and idea of how cool it is to run here, the other night I was running out the road alone ( my daughter had a prior commitment ) and while I was running I looked over and there were deer running in the field next to me. I was really peaceful to see that.

But that isn't what this post is about. This post is about the MILE. I have read that once you run a mile it's easier. There is a barrier that you break through, perhaps more mental than physical, but it's there. I run slow, I am getting faster, but I am running slow so no more shin splints.. no more injuries at all. I just want to run, time is nothing to me right now. But I run like a turtle, but I am running!!!

So today, we had to run for 20 minutes straight. Normally, I would go to the track the first time for this distance, but today, I just didn't want to. I don't know why, I wanted the hills. So we started from our front door up the hill with our 5 min warm up walk and then when we hit the flat part of our route we were still walking. The program never told me to run.. I looked and when I locked the phone I also paused the program. We walked most of the flat part where we could have been running. :/ So we resumed it and kept moving forward, (the route we chose to do today was a little over 3 miles we figured we could walk the end of it so we didn't' have to do an out and back ) we started running on the longest hill, it's not that steep, just very long. Now we have run this before, but not with 20 mins of running, usually 5 minutes then we walk. We ran up it and kept going... out and out. My calves were telling me, HEY DUMMY we could have done the track today. But I didn't, I chose the hills.

The top of that hill is a little downgrade, my daughter was cheering the downhill and I was snickering cause I knew what was next.. A huge fairly steep hill, (she didn't know it was coming :) ). We didn't give up, mostly i didn't give up, she made it look easy, and in the end we did the 20 mins with NO stopping NO walking and although it was slow 14min/per mile. We did it!!

The mile has been conquered again... the barrier has been shattered!!! It's so good to be running again :) Bring on the Marathon!!! ok yeah 5k :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wow 3 Years!!!!

I can't believe it has been 3 years since I posted on here. :(

I am sorry I have been away. Life had been getting the better of me and well, I got lazy.....

So lazy that I stopped running, I gained weight...

I was pushing back into the 270s again, and I was not proud of it. My body decided that it needed me to start paying attention to it again and kicked me by destroying my Gall Bladder. I had to have it removed and while I was in there, in recovery, waiting to go home one of my doctors came in and told me, you know you are going down the same path I was on. High Blood Pressure, gall bladder failed, next your are going to start getting chest pains. Then you'll have a stroke.

Yeah, it was that bad. I was a mess, but he suggested I read a book called "Eat to Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman I read it, I loved it, the facts that he provided were enough for me.

So I became a Vegetarian (more Vegan). My primary care physician told me I was nuts. I already knew that though. :)

I started to not only loose weight but I noticed that my clothes were starting to get too big, then they got too big and started falling off. I went from a 42 inch waist to a 33 (at this point) and I am still dropping.

I started to run again...and it was so much easier I guess loosing 51 lbs will have that effect on ya huh?

My resting heart rate is below 60, my max heart rate when I run is only 160 and I mean run hard.

I love running again and my daughter is running with me. We started the couch to 5k plan and we are killing it. Every run gets easier, I don't dread going to the next week. I look forward to the challenge of it.

So I am back, I thought about abandoning this blog, starting over fresh with a new one but this is me, my history!

I'll be here more, it won't all be about running, I'll tell you about food adventures too. :)

It's really good to be back...