Monday, October 12, 2009


So I came home Friday to a huge surprise. I have been wanting a dog to run and hike with cause the vast majority of my workouts are just me out there and to be honest, I get bored with it. It's not that I don't want to do it, it's the scenery being the same all the time has gotten old. So I have been looking for a dog, and to my surprise my wife found one, picked her up and had her at the house when I got home. Her name is Lucy and she is a sweetheart. She loves everyone and other than some pulling issues on the leash, she is awesome.

Tonight, her and I are going to go out on a long walk, with a few little jogs mixed in to see how she does. I don't want to push it with her and she is too young yet to go very far running.

As for me, I am sure you all are wondering what is going on. Well, I am still nipping away at this running thing. the time I took off did wonders for my shins and they don't hurt at all anymore. Also I have been doing Pilates at work once a week and those sessions are really strengthing my Core and legs.

I have commited myself to do the Rachel Carson Hike next year. All 35 miles of it. So I have been training for that a lot as well. it's also helped my endurance out a ton. Pushing those hills even walking makes you get stronger I tell ya.

Speaking of hills, well it's getting colder, and I am itching to try the steps again. I set a goal pf 12 times up by the end of winter, that would be one vertical mile up. So keep checking in for my progess on that.

For all of you who's blogs I follow, I am in catch up mode. I am sorry I haven't been there. Life gets in the way of everything. But things are slowing down, it's that time of the year again.

My next 5K I believe will be a turkey trot of some kind. Just not sure which one I am going to do.

Also, I have been doing a lot of reading lately, my last book which I finished yesterday was Into Thin Air, by John Krakauer. Highly suggest reading it, and while you are at it try Into the Wild by John as well. Both are on the tops of my all time best reads.... but that is for another day...

Till then.....