Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just A Short Run Race Report

Today was a good day...

First off there were 4 races starting at the exact same time and there were 2000 people running. The 5K, HM and the HM relay were all starting from the same starting line at the same time. The 30k people were further back.

All week they had been calling for thunder storms and that concerned me. But yesterday they changed it to just rain and then the rain hit early and we had a beautiful sunny day to run in. And of course I forgot my sunglasses (grrrrrrr!)

So for the race. When the gun went off a massive wall of people started moving. I had to wait about 2 mins for the crowd to thin out so we could start running. My sister-in-law was doing this race with me but she was walking, so I knew I was going to have to leave her. Once I started running I ran the first 1/2 mile then I hit the hill... 1/2 mile hill that was really steep. But I walked it as fast as I could and once we hit the top I ran down the other side. At 1 1/4 miles they had water for us. It's amazing how I won't walk when I hit a water station. I want to be running when people like that see me. LOL But I did have to walk some today. But not as much as the last 5K. Once we hit the bottom of the hill the rest of the run was fairly level. I picked my I will pass target and keep him in my sights until just about 2 3/4 miles then I passed him. He passed me once, then I saw that magical starting line up ahead and kicked it into higher gear and passed him to beat him by 59 seconds.

Now, so you know I was content going slowr on this race because of the hill. The last one was flat, but I was going to try and beat my time. I just didn't think I would be able to. That hill was a killer I tell ya. When I came in I was so excited about finishing and the fact that I did run almost 2/3s of the race that I forgot to look at my time at the finish line. Then, they posted the 5k times but I was looking for my sister in law and when I went to look someone had taken them down. So I knew about what my time was, but I didn't know my offical time until about 8pm (20 mins ago). My offical chip time is 41:43... I beat my 43:20 even with a hill in it !!!!!!!!!!

For this race I got a very nice pair of shorts (hence the name just a short run) and I ended up buying a long sleve tech shirt with the races logo on it. I am going to get a picture of me in them but my daughter stole our camera for her stuff today (it's acutally her camera, but we use it to) So I will get a pic of me in them and post it ASAP.

After the race I got a massage and I tell you what, if you have never done that DO IT!! OMG it was awesome and I felt so great after it. I ended up talking to my target and we exchanged numbers and are going to get together for some runs. He has lost over 100 lbs since last summer and runs at pretty much the same pace I do. Talked to a few of the 30kers that I know from as well. All in all it was a great day and I am very happy right now!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah I know....

I have been slacking really bad. For that I am sorry.

Life has been getting in the way of blog time. But rest assured I am still alive (got an email about that) and still going strong.

Tomorrow is the big day, race number 2. There are 2000 people running the 3 various races tomorrow. 5k, 30k, and HM. I am doing the 5k. Looking forward to it but the nervousness of ti all is there. This 5k has a killer hill on it. But after that it's all downhill or flat. So I just have to get over the top :) I will post either tomorrow or Sunday on the results.

The past 3 weeks have been extremily hectic for me. I went to the Docs and he is puzzled at why I am loosing weight but my blood pressure isn't dropping. Personally, I think the meds never did squat for me and it is dropping but he won't listen to that. So, I had to go get a echo cardiogram done yesterday. Will let you know the results but the tech looked unworried. One thing I did notice is that my resting heart rate is down, even with the nervousness of the test I was sitting at 72 bpm.

After the race 3 weeks ago, I took some time to let my shins recoup and heal up. And then when they felt good, I ran again and the pain came back. So I did a lot of research on the internet and stumbled on a site that they suggested consistant shin pain could be related to a vitamin b definceny in your system. So I went out and bought a B complex to try it out. The first day I took one my shin pain seemed better but it was an off day and since the race is coming up I didn't want to push it so I waited. Yesterday I ran without any pain in my shins so maybe that is the reason. At this point I will try anything. I don't think it is to overdoing it because I haven't increased anything for a long time.

I will post the results for the race as soon as I can.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Race Day

Well, the race is over and I am home. WOW, I am so pumped about today....

I got there about 15 mins before warm ups offically started, signed in, got my packet and my chip. Then went back out to the car to drop that all off. Went to where warm ups were being held. Well, I was running on the Pittsburgh Steelers indoor practice field. Man, If I could run on that all the time, it's so cushioned and nice. My legs were saying hey, this is more like it. After I warmed up streached, ran around a little on the fake turf. I relaxed and just streached my legs out some more. My shins were still a little sore from the other day. I have been worried about this. But this morning they didn't seem all that sore. Mind you the new shoes are doing wonders. But I need to let them heal up now. I talked to a few people. No one came with me today. I was alone.

At the start of the race I decided to stay in the back of the pack. I knew there was no way I was running the whole thing, But I was sure as heck gonna run as much as I could. Once we started I faded back but not to the very last spot. I paced myself as best as I could and rand until about 3/4 of a mile in. Then my shin started to ache a little so I backed off to a brisk walk. I ran walked a few more times before the turn to come back, then I ran through the turn. There was at least one guy behind me at about 100 yards. When he would get closer I would run and bring it back to 100 yards. My shins weren't screaming pain, but I didn't want them to be so I held back. Then I saw 2 people in front of me. An older man and woman walk running as well. My goal was to at least catch them before the end. I caught up to them at about the 2 mile maker and we all stuck together until the end and in fact crossed the finish line together.

So I guess you all wanna know my time. Before I tell you, I would like to point out that in November I did a fun run and couldn't get 5k done in under an hour. So I set my goal at 45 mins. If I beat it great. If I didn't well that is my goal.

I crossed the finish line at 43:20. Yep I beat it... Wasn't great, wasn't the winning time at 17:10. But for a guy who is just starting, well, I'll take it.

In 3 weeks I have another 5k, I am gonna beat that time then. And each race I am going to get better... :) Oh btw I was hooked before this race. The grip got a little tighter now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random thoughts

Not much to report on the exercise front. Been taking it light to gear up for the race tomorrow. I did run very little in my new shoes yesterday. The pain in my shins was still there, but its much lighter now. I think a good day of rest should clear it all up... least I hope :)

First off, I got my new Runners World in the mail yesterday. I swear I am like a kid at chirstmas when it comes. I picture myself looking like Ralphy when he got his Little Orphan Annie Decoder. I grab it and run looking for somewhere peaceful in the house to read it. And then after a day or 2 I sulk until next months comes out.

Although, this months issue, a few pages in there is a advertisement for a new movie coming out that I am defiently going to go see. Here is the link to the trailer: Beyond the Epic Run. Check it out. I see great motivation coming out of that. Wish you all lived closer... we could all go see it together. :)

Speaking of movitation, the Pitts Marathon called me about my selections for volunteering. I guess they aren't having chip retirival this year so they needed me to pick something else. So after a few days of thinking about it. I choose to hand out medals. (Dane better not be there cuase I ain't giving him one)

Anyways, its nice out today, really hard to take today off... I mean it's close to 70 already and its only 8 am... I may get my bike out this morning and ride a little... its been sitting there saying hey isn't it about time?

Will blog tomorrow after the race... can't wait to tell you all about it... cya then!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Morgue and New Shoes... :)

At work this week they did a number of layoffs. I am still safe though at least for the moment. It has been like working in a morgue this week. Everyone is nervous and justifiably so. A good friend of mine that they just hired not to long ago lost his job. A lot of people lost their jobs :(

Now we all get to work and play the waiting game. Will they decide to do it again? I really hope they don't but that stress is going to be there for awhile. I am glad I have running now to release it. I am really glad to be honest. It's nice to get out there and not think about anything but the road in front of me. I try to explain this to my non runner friends and they just don't get it. Maybe someday they will. But for now it eludes them. Running has become a lot more than just exercise to me. I don't think I will ever be able to stop. I hope never to have to.

I have been taking it easy this week in preparation for the 5k this Sunday. But I did want to run a couple times this week outside. No treadmills! But it has been so cold up until today it is hard to do anything outside. Today though... 60 degrees!! I went to a park near my house called North Park and there is a nice large lake there. If you go all the way around the lake it's exactly 5 miles and they have it marked for you. It's a little hilly but nothing major and it's a really peaceful course.

So today, I got out there and decided to run walk all 5 miles... I have never walked the entire lake before, but it was so nice I was not going to let that stop me. I started with a 10 min warm up, a nice brisk walk to get my HR up and my muscles warmed up. This got me to about the 1/2 mile marker then I took off on a nice easy jog. at 3/4 of a mile my left leg started to hurt. My shin was aching, but as soon as I stopped running the pain was totally gone. So I trekked on....

At one mile, I started to jog again. The pain was back almost immediately. But I pushed it out to a slow 1/4 mile before I stopped running again. Walking there was no pain what so ever and I put pressure on my shin and there was no pain then either.. Just when I ran on it. Of course I was worried and disappointed. But I was going to do the 5 miles, even walking.

So I kept up a brisk walk until about 2 3/4 miles. Then I tried to run again, but after 1/4 mile the pain was there again. I backed off, checked and the same. Nothing.....

Then I got to thinking. My shoes are pretty old, and the do have a lot of miles on them. So at mile marker 3 and 3/4 I decided soon as I get done I am getting new shoes.

Got to the car, stretched and looked down at my old friends. My first pair of running shoes. They served me well, and still will but not for running. I don't ditch old friends that easily. So we went to my favorite running store and I explained my pain to the salesmen. He told me that I more than likely need some more cushion in my shoes and went in the back and came out with a pair of Brooks Dyads. Wow the cushions were like a little bit of heaven right on my feet. He even brought a pair of my older shoes out for me to try next to them. Even with a brand new pair on the difference was night and day.

Tomorrow, after work (ugh work) I am going to test my new friends out. Gotta give them one good test before Sunday don't I ... yeah I know there should be more but I have been wanting new shoes... the money just hasn't been there for me to get them... So tomorrow, me and my new friends are going to hit the open road. Saturday I am going to rest and Sunday is the big day.. my first real the butterflies are there already :)