Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah I know....

I have been slacking really bad. For that I am sorry.

Life has been getting in the way of blog time. But rest assured I am still alive (got an email about that) and still going strong.

Tomorrow is the big day, race number 2. There are 2000 people running the 3 various races tomorrow. 5k, 30k, and HM. I am doing the 5k. Looking forward to it but the nervousness of ti all is there. This 5k has a killer hill on it. But after that it's all downhill or flat. So I just have to get over the top :) I will post either tomorrow or Sunday on the results.

The past 3 weeks have been extremily hectic for me. I went to the Docs and he is puzzled at why I am loosing weight but my blood pressure isn't dropping. Personally, I think the meds never did squat for me and it is dropping but he won't listen to that. So, I had to go get a echo cardiogram done yesterday. Will let you know the results but the tech looked unworried. One thing I did notice is that my resting heart rate is down, even with the nervousness of the test I was sitting at 72 bpm.

After the race 3 weeks ago, I took some time to let my shins recoup and heal up. And then when they felt good, I ran again and the pain came back. So I did a lot of research on the internet and stumbled on a site that they suggested consistant shin pain could be related to a vitamin b definceny in your system. So I went out and bought a B complex to try it out. The first day I took one my shin pain seemed better but it was an off day and since the race is coming up I didn't want to push it so I waited. Yesterday I ran without any pain in my shins so maybe that is the reason. At this point I will try anything. I don't think it is to overdoing it because I haven't increased anything for a long time.

I will post the results for the race as soon as I can.


Sarah said...

Good luck tomorrow! Hope you have a great race!

Winnston said...

Go baby.

You can do it!!

Murder that hill.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Stan! I'll be at the Dog Show downtown.... or should I say dahntahn.