Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just A Short Run Race Report

Today was a good day...

First off there were 4 races starting at the exact same time and there were 2000 people running. The 5K, HM and the HM relay were all starting from the same starting line at the same time. The 30k people were further back.

All week they had been calling for thunder storms and that concerned me. But yesterday they changed it to just rain and then the rain hit early and we had a beautiful sunny day to run in. And of course I forgot my sunglasses (grrrrrrr!)

So for the race. When the gun went off a massive wall of people started moving. I had to wait about 2 mins for the crowd to thin out so we could start running. My sister-in-law was doing this race with me but she was walking, so I knew I was going to have to leave her. Once I started running I ran the first 1/2 mile then I hit the hill... 1/2 mile hill that was really steep. But I walked it as fast as I could and once we hit the top I ran down the other side. At 1 1/4 miles they had water for us. It's amazing how I won't walk when I hit a water station. I want to be running when people like that see me. LOL But I did have to walk some today. But not as much as the last 5K. Once we hit the bottom of the hill the rest of the run was fairly level. I picked my I will pass target and keep him in my sights until just about 2 3/4 miles then I passed him. He passed me once, then I saw that magical starting line up ahead and kicked it into higher gear and passed him to beat him by 59 seconds.

Now, so you know I was content going slowr on this race because of the hill. The last one was flat, but I was going to try and beat my time. I just didn't think I would be able to. That hill was a killer I tell ya. When I came in I was so excited about finishing and the fact that I did run almost 2/3s of the race that I forgot to look at my time at the finish line. Then, they posted the 5k times but I was looking for my sister in law and when I went to look someone had taken them down. So I knew about what my time was, but I didn't know my offical time until about 8pm (20 mins ago). My offical chip time is 41:43... I beat my 43:20 even with a hill in it !!!!!!!!!!

For this race I got a very nice pair of shorts (hence the name just a short run) and I ended up buying a long sleve tech shirt with the races logo on it. I am going to get a picture of me in them but my daughter stole our camera for her stuff today (it's acutally her camera, but we use it to) So I will get a pic of me in them and post it ASAP.

After the race I got a massage and I tell you what, if you have never done that DO IT!! OMG it was awesome and I felt so great after it. I ended up talking to my target and we exchanged numbers and are going to get together for some runs. He has lost over 100 lbs since last summer and runs at pretty much the same pace I do. Talked to a few of the 30kers that I know from as well. All in all it was a great day and I am very happy right now!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Stan! Those hills get easier and easier... and after a while you only walk the really bad ones!

Come on out to the GPRRC Trail run on April 19th at Boyce Park! There's a 5k and a 10K. This will be my first trail race and my second 10K (First is coming up on the 4th!)

You're doing great!

Winnston said...

You know what? You frikkin rock.

I am so psyched up for you just reading this last entry. You really are an inpsiration. That sounds lame as I type it but I don't give a damn. It's true.

I wanted to message you to tell you to make sure to walk the hill, especially considering the shins. bit it was too late. You are smart enough to figure it out for yourself, I see.

You're going to do great things. I swear there is no stopping you! Think about how far you have come! I happy for you, and I hope you're satisfied!

You ARE the man!

Sarah said...

You go Stan! That is a big improvement in time, in a short period...and with a hill! I am sure all of your stair training really helped you conquer that hill. Awesome job!

robison52 said...

Congrats on a new PR and with a hill too! Getting shorts as schwag is very unusual, in ten years of racing I've never been received shorts! I do have TONS of t-shirts.

Stan said...

Thanks all!!

Sumo, I think I may just do that, I'll let you know.

Mike, thanks. I know I rock :P

Sarah, just keep those cookies away from me. Been thinking about them since I saw the pic. Meanie!!

Bruce, the shorts are one of the reasons I picked this race. Something different. But the promoter really put on a great race. I am definetly going to do more of his races.