Friday, April 3, 2009

Not so random thoughts

Yesterday, I decided to run/walk the lake at a local park near me. It's a 5 mile loop and well marked and basically flat. I ran a lot of it but not all of it. Someday I will run it all but not yet, slow and easy. It was a beautiful day, 65ish sunny and a light breeze. What a day... there were a ton of people there, the walkers, runners, and bike riders. We all shared that hour. There was even a woman that was clearly not there to run walk or ride, well not a bike anyway. Oh did I say that..... :)

I have figured out that I am running to fast and need to slow down, working on that now, just slow running and enjoying it. I have decided the next 2 weeks are for me to just enjoy running and not concentrate on any race. Although I will probably do a 5k trail race here in the next couple weeks.

So, back to the unrandomness of this....

While I was going horribly slow for the 5 miles, I just started to let my mind wonder and see where it would end up. At first I thought about someday running with all my online friends. What a blast that would be. Then I thought about my life and why I didn't start this sooner. But lastly what kicked in there was my friends and family that don't run and what they thought of me running.

So I thought I would put it down yet again on WHY I run, so here it is.

Mostly I run to loose weight, get in shape and feel better about myself. At least that is why it started. Well that and the promise of a Jeep :) But then something happened, something kicked in that was really unexpected. I started to feel better not just physically, but mentally.

But that still doesn't say why... does it?

I run because it's one thing that no one can take away from me. I control it. It doesn't cost me money, it doesn't depend on anyone but me to be there doing it. I run to be me cause that is what I am a runner. I always have been, I just never let that part of me come out. I think back to all the times I thought, hey I am gonna get in shape and start running and never did.

So to the naysayers the doubters and the people that think I am plain insane, give it a shot, see how you feel. Yes there have been days when I haven't been able to take a step without pain. There have been days when I got out there, ran less than a 1/10th of a mile and said F this, I quit. But in the end, I go back the next day, I never quit. Cause in my heart I am where I want to be.

I know it was fiction but Forest Gump had it right. I could just go someday like that and not turn around. Just run and run and never stop.

Wanna come with me? ...............


spirit_in_me said...

Awesome post Sarah. I needed to read something like that right now. It is so true and I can definately relate.

Anonymous said...


Great entry. It's always great to learn why others run. I have a quote I came up with when I started, "I run because my heart tells me I should." Amazing how your words are so similar!

Which trail race are you thinking about?

spirit_in_me said...

oh my god stan I just noticed I put awesome post sarah, lol sorry, I was talking to my friend sarah on the phone at the same time as writing on your blog. How embarassing. My apologies

Sarah said...

I love reading your blog Stan. I talk to people about my running and they tell me that they wish they could too, but they are too overweight and it is too late in the game...then I tell them about my friend Stan. :) Your story is inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Stan said...

Yeah I was wondering where the Sarah came from. I was gonna let it slide.

Thanks all :) and for the real Sarah, tell them anyone can get out there and do it. Just make sure they don't overdo it and quit.

Betsy said...

Hey, Sarah! Just kidding. :)

So, what's the deal on the Jeep?

Billy-man said...

This really hits home. I am glad you're able to push through the hard times and see the light at the end of the tunnel.