Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things Are Slowly Coming Together.

It has been 7 months since I started this journey. I'll admit 7 of the hardest months of my life. I have had more set backs and breakthroughs than I can mention. Some are small, some are major but in the end they all end up making me a better person physically and mentally.

When I was a kid at 16 I used to work in a chain donut shop. We used to get 50 lbs bags of sugar in and I hated unloading them. Now I look back at that and think that I have lost more than that bag in weight. I hardly have any clothes that really fit me anymore. I have gone to the closet and pulled out the pants that I should have gotten rid of years ago but I held on to for when I loose weight. Well now they are too big too. Even the belt I bought a few months ago I have had to put new holes in to make it so my pants aren't falling down. It's the greatest feeling you can ever have. I am very happy about where I am and I know I can get to where I want to be.

When I started this, I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without getting a little tired. Cardiac hill near work would wind me so bad that i had to stop at the top. Now I walk that once a week just because I can. Soon I will run it. Very soon.

I have found new friends, reconnected with old ones, and have more self esteem that I ever have. Some of these friends I haven't met yet but I talk to a lot on line, but most I will meet someday. I have found new a new passion that I will never give up. It is leading me to newer passions. Newer things that I can do that I couldn't this time last year cause well i was just too fat, too out of shape.

I have broken goals, made new ones and broken them. Only to find newer ones after those. Dreams become reality leading to more dreams.

Life has changed for the better, and I am taking steps to make sure I am going to be here for a long time to enjoy it.

Since my last post I have run trails, roads and fields. I have found myself in those places. Especially the trails. If you haven't run one yet, go do it. leave the Ipods and mp3 players at home and just listen. Listen to what is around you. As you feet hit the ground they echo ever so slightly. Last Thursday, I ran a trail that was made in dedication of a 7 year old boy that passed away. On that trail, with the sun sqeaking through the trees, the birds chirping and the deer, yes the deer that decided I was ok to be there and stood there while I ran past. Not that I was close but wow, I was close enough.

On Sunday, before it got to hot. I went to North Park and ran walked the lake. 5 miles, I was a little slower than I wanted to be. But the heat was a little warmer and I didn't wanna pass out :)

On Monday, I had the day off from work because my wifes Aunt passed away. While everyone got ready for the funeral. I went for a little run the sun was just coming up. The birds sang to me as I ran.

Amby Burfoot suggested that you run without music. I don't do it all the time, but the past 2 weeks I have been on call so I have had to carry a blackberry with me and I need to hear it if it goes off. I will never feel it vibrating when I run. Like Amby, I suggest you try it, preferably in the early morning, right as the sun comes up. The world can be a beautiful place if you let it.

This weekend is the Pittsburgh Marathon. Over 10500 people will be running the streets of my city. I will meet some of them the days before the race at the expo and on race day I will hand some of them medals for finishing the race. (Better not be any biggest looser people there GRRRRR) I signed up for motivation, it is funny though, when all I think about is when I can run next how much more motivation do I need? Not much, but I will enjoy it and maybe next year I'll pick one of those packets up with my name on it. :)


Sarah said...

You should be very prouf of how far you have come. You are an inspiration. :)

Sarah said...

That should say "proud" :)

spirit_in_me said...

Stan that is an excellent post. You are doing so great. I agree that your story is very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

What a great post Stan. Maybe we can run it together next year!

Winnston said...

Wow, that was nicely put. I agree there is something special about the early morning. Very peaceful and fulfilling to run at that time. It is amazing to think that it has been there all along, and nobody takes advantage of it. It makes me wish that I had started sooner.

It is great to find a new passion at this stage of life. To do something for yourself. I think if we are not always learning and growing, then we are in decline.

I am where you are. To set a goal that is out of reach, and then to surpass it, and then repeat the process all over again. That is great. To remember how to believe in yourself and what you are capable of with hard work - to realize that, yeah, you do have limits, but that they are so far out there we may never reach them - is great. You may or may not run that marathon. But at this stage it doesn't matter.

You get out of something what you put into it, right? What do you get when you put everything you have into something? What do you get then?

Sounds like you are getting that, Stan. You are earning it, that's for sure.

robison52 said...

Those last seven months you've motivated many at the running/jogging site and was the spur for their weight loss challenge! I've seen many biggest losers improvements over the years, but your improvement during the last seven months is simply fantastic!! Keep up the great work.

greentigress said...

Hi Stan,

I lost 49 lbs once a few years ago, but put most of it back on a couple of times..
I have now lost 18 lbs since October and I know how hard it is to lose weight faster than that!! i really have chosen an easy way to do this as i will take another year over this... hope you will join me in the biggest loser competition from 10th may on, (see
and hope you will make it to that marathon!

Happyrunningbunny said...

Yeah Stan! You are definitely an inspiration. I'm sure you will be picking up one of those packets next year.

Stan said...

Thanks Everyone!