Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Horse Trail Run 2 Miles

I had originally signed up to do 4.5 miles but I wasn't feeling the 4.5 mile distance when I showed up for the race so I down graded myself to the 2 mile race, which in turn was the smartest thing I did all weekend.

The race was held by the Greater Pittsburgh Road Runners group, of which I am a member. This means it is a small race, about 40 people showed up for the race. Most of them were doing the 4.5 mile. We all started at the same time and ran the same course, but then the 2 milers turned back.

I started with my new friend Brad, he was doing the 4.5 and had just come from the race for the cure. We started doing a 1/2 mile loop on a gravel track, Brad and I went the opposite way from the rest of the pack so we could cheer them on. After the half mile loop we hit the trail, they call the first 1/2 mile of the trail murder hill. I am renaming it to murder mountain, That was not a hill, it's a 1/2 mile up of pure pain. We walked it and by the time we hit the turn around where I left Brad my legs felt like rubber sticks underneath me. But I pressed on and headed back down. I think I'd rather go back up it to be honest. Down was hard and i wanted to make up some time so I ran most of it back down. Some parts you didn't have a choice but to run. Once I hit the level part of the hill I did walk some, my legs were hurting a little and I was worried about pushing to hard. Then out of the woods all I had left to do was the 1/2 mile loop on the gravel track again. My legs were tired i walked the first 1/3 of the track but I knew by my time that some of the 4.5 mile runners would be headed out soon. I was determined to not get passed by anyone running a longer race than I did. So I pressed on and ran the last 1/4 mile. I finished at 33 and change. I can't remember my exact time, once it is posted I will post a comment.

I waited and watch everyone else come in. Rooted them on and even filled up some water glasses for people. Afterwards Brad and I hit up Panera bread and had a little lunch and BS'd about running, dieting and what races we are going to hit up this summer.

Today, I feel like I had a great workout yesterday. My legs are even a little sore, but it's a happy sore.

Saturday I am doing a 5k that I promised I'd do back in March. Really looking forward to it. I can feel myself getting stronger with each run. Racing is just a bonus!!


Anonymous said...

Murder Mountain is a great name! Man I don't envy you in having to go back down!

That's a great time you had! I really enjoyed lunch. Bummer I can't make that 5K on Sat.

robison52 said...

You're smart to listen to your body and downgraded yourself to a 2 mile race!! I often push too hard and suffer the consequences of being stubborn...

greentigress said...

I HATE running down steep hills!!!
Congrats on the race, and well done for down gradeing it!!
I have the option of trying out a 4 mile training run on Sunday and your post has just reminded me to watch myself and walk if i have to!!!!