Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mars Band on the Run 5K

This was the first annual running of the race that supports the Mars High School Band. I showed up early like I always do and picked up my packet. I was hydrating myself all morning because it was really hot/humid and to be honest sticky. I met up with some of the people I know from and we BS'd while we warmed up and stretched. I had no intention of pushing myself for this race, I wanted to work on pacing and just being able to run the race with as little walking as possible.

The band played the national anthem which was really cool because I have never seen this done at a race before and they had the honor guard from the Marines there as well. After that we started out. This was a nice rolling race through the country side on paved roads. We ran through a housing project and at about every mile there was a group from the band playing music for us.

Right as we started the rain let loose and it was really refreshing. It really cooled things off at least for a bit. I ran the first mile at about a 14 min pace. I kept up with a couple that was running and you could tell she was less experienced than I was and at about 3/4 of a mile she told the guy with her she needed to walk some. I ran right past them. Then came the first of the smaller hills.

I ran about 1/2 way up it and had to cut back to a walk, but as soon as I hit the crest I started running again. At the half way point they had a water station and now that it stopped raining it got even hotter and stickier. Then came the LONG hill that everyone was worried about. I walked it but after last weekends Murder mountain this seemed like a piece of cake. When I got to the top there was a volunteer there that said so soon as I hit that little bump ahead it's all flat to the finish. So off on a run again, I did have to walk a little of the last mile, the heat was really getting to me, but then I saw the school and could hear the band playing the pink panther song, so I kicked it back in gear and started to run again. When I came around the turn into the parking lot where the finish was I hit into a little sprint and ran through the finish for a 41:17. This wasn't a chip time, and by my timer I was at 40:50. So To be honest with myself I am calling it an even 41. Which beats my previous PR by 43 seconds. Not that great but still a new time to beat. My friends both got medals which was really cool and I won and ice cream cone as a door prize (just what I need huh?) but I am giving that to my daughter.

I paced myself pretty good and came away from the race pain free which is a win for me. Last night my shin did get a little achy, not painful just enough that I iced it but I ended up sitting a lot yesterday and I was getting stiff by the end of the night. Today I feel great and am ready to go do it all again. This race is definitely on my radar for next year as well.


greentigress said...

Great going!

Well done for beating your time! why add 10 seconds to it???

I think it sounds quite hilly around where you run, i am only just starting on hills, gradual ones but i love them!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a fun race! The bands must have been fun to listen to when you were running. Congrats on a new PR!

Betsy said...

Way to go, Stan! 2 1/2 weeks 'til the Daily American 5/10k challenge here. Are you ready? Email me - are you planning on coming up race day or will you need a place to stay Friday night? Let me know your intentions. I haven't started training yet but I do my aerobics faithfully every day...