Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a weekend...

This was another great weekend. The weather was wonderful.

On Saturday I spent the morning buying a pair of trail running shoes. I ended up going to REI to get them. I went by bus to the store, so that dropped me off about a mile away from the store. I hiked over to the store and got my shoes. After trying a few pairs on I decided on Salamon trail running shoes. They are very light and feel great on my feet. So in the spirit of buying them I put them on when I left and well I had intentions on getting a bus back downtown right outside of REI. Well there is this Gyro place there and well they are the best so I decided to cheat a little and have one. After that I was really full and walked out to get the bus, but something sparked, not sure what but I started walking towards town. Next thing I know 2.3 miles later I am in town waiting for the bus to come home.

Today, my wife and daughter wanted me to go to the boarn with them to see our horse. But there was a catch, we had to go to 2 other barns first to do a few things for friends. So after we got home I felt the calling to go run. I ran into the house changed and ran out. I decided to take one of our dogs with me. He is my little buddy and I wasn't going to run that much. Just a little jog to burn off some energy before bed.

Well after the warm up I looked down at him and said hey you ready. We started our nice slow jog. With him leading me we went a little further than where I usually burn out and need to walk. But I was watching him and not really paying attention to where I was on the route. I was worried I'd kill him. He isn't used to getting out and running like that. But we kept going and when I looked up I almost fell over. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked around. I picked him up and screamed we did it buddy.

I broke the mile! Finally after all this time I ran 1 mile without stopping to walk. I felt like I could go further but he was panting pretty good so we walked back home. All this time in my head I knew what the problem was. I wasn't trying to go to far, I was trying to go to fast. My shins didn't hurt either, but I came home, streched them out really good then massaged and iced them like I knew I better.

I finally feel like a runner!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome Stan! Your first running mile! You'll just keep building them up from here!

I'm really looking forward to the Boyce Park Trail Run. I'm doing the 10K... maybe this one will really be 6.2!

Sarah said...

You did it...awesome!!! Enjoy your new have earned them!

WendyBird said...

Woohoo! Great job! It is hard to lear to run slow, much harder than it seems.
Dogs are great running partners, but you have to build their conditioning up just like ours. I can't wait for my puppy to be old enough for long runs. She never complains, is always ready to go, and still likes me when we are done, LOL.

Betsy said...

Wow - great, Stan! The walks, the run! Getting the pup and family involved!! Sounds like a super weekend.

Stan said...

Guess I should have mentioned that the pup is a Chihuahua? He tried to keep up... I felt bad for him. Almost carried him home. I want a dog to run with. Been in negotiations with my wife about it. Soon, volunteering at the local animal shelter soon too so I will get to run/walk with a lot of dogs. :)

Tanya said...

Bravo Stan! That's a great accomplishment-I hope your little dog got a treat for his efforts when you got home!

Winnston said...

Stan, excellent. - as usual!
You ran a mile with no shin pain. At this rate, you will run a 5k before long. Bravo!

I must say that I would pay good money to see you running down the road pulling a Chihuahua - or was the poor little Chihuahua pulling you! ;-)

The progress, and milestones just keep coming for you. It is great, because I know how hard you work for them and how much you want them. I like it when good things come to good people.

Power to you, bro!

BTW: How about some photos for this blog? All we have is this one mug shot we have been looking at for months. I for one would like to get a look at the new and improved Stanster.

Let's check out the Klickmeister. How about a gun show? ;-)