Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wow 3 Years!!!!

I can't believe it has been 3 years since I posted on here. :(

I am sorry I have been away. Life had been getting the better of me and well, I got lazy.....

So lazy that I stopped running, I gained weight...

I was pushing back into the 270s again, and I was not proud of it. My body decided that it needed me to start paying attention to it again and kicked me by destroying my Gall Bladder. I had to have it removed and while I was in there, in recovery, waiting to go home one of my doctors came in and told me, you know you are going down the same path I was on. High Blood Pressure, gall bladder failed, next your are going to start getting chest pains. Then you'll have a stroke.

Yeah, it was that bad. I was a mess, but he suggested I read a book called "Eat to Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman I read it, I loved it, the facts that he provided were enough for me.

So I became a Vegetarian (more Vegan). My primary care physician told me I was nuts. I already knew that though. :)

I started to not only loose weight but I noticed that my clothes were starting to get too big, then they got too big and started falling off. I went from a 42 inch waist to a 33 (at this point) and I am still dropping.

I started to run again...and it was so much easier I guess loosing 51 lbs will have that effect on ya huh?

My resting heart rate is below 60, my max heart rate when I run is only 160 and I mean run hard.

I love running again and my daughter is running with me. We started the couch to 5k plan and we are killing it. Every run gets easier, I don't dread going to the next week. I look forward to the challenge of it.

So I am back, I thought about abandoning this blog, starting over fresh with a new one but this is me, my history!

I'll be here more, it won't all be about running, I'll tell you about food adventures too. :)

It's really good to be back...


Marianne said...

Hey! Nice to see you again! I'm gonna take a look at that book. :) Congrats and welcome back!

Stan said...

I bought the kindle version or I would just send it to you. It's a really good read and if you follow his plan you don't have to give up meat, you just have to limit the amount you eat. I can't believe how the weight just melted off and I don't miss meat all that much. Yes I do have cravings but I do give in to them and have them so I don't drop off the band wagon all the way. Eating out is difficult but not impossible, the only real issues we have had are weddings and picnics. But those are the 20% days :)