Friday, January 16, 2009


I find it amazing how the littlest changes make the biggest difference in everything. I stepped on the scale today to see that I dropped yet another pound this month. 7lbs down, it's all melting away. I didn't do much to my routine to make this weight drop off, all I really did was stop using the elliptical and start walking and running on the treadmill, and to be honest I have skipped a couple days because of the weather and still it keeps coming off. :)

Just for the record I am not complaining, just mentioning it.

The biggest looser contest is under way and the team competition is starting this weekend. Someone thought it was a good idea for me to be a team captain. Me the one who was always picked last for pick up games on the play ground. Yeah, amazing isn't it.

Anyways, I stepped up the running program to week 2 of 4 to a mile program. 5 mins warm up, 90 run 90 walk x 4 then 5 to cool down. That cool down thing is the hardest part. I still want to keep going, it's the remembrance of the pain I was in when I went to far to fast before that holds me back.

In the past 2 weeks I have reconnected with 3 friends from college through facebook. We have talked like it's been a week not 20 years. I lost touch with so many people that I will never find again. It's nice to know there are ways now to get back in touch with friends and relatives that you haven't heard from in years. Those are changes too, I told you down there in number 6. Stay in touch with friends. I am going to, all the old ones, the newly found ones that I have lost along the way and all the new ones. Your all stuck with me... :)


WendyBird said...

Did you mean you lost another pound this WEEK ?

robison52 said...

Might have been a good idea of skipping a couple of days anyway due to your past shin pain. The biggest loser contest should keep you on the straight and narrow, good luck and keep up the great work!!!

Stan said...

Yes. And this morning I was down another one.. :)

Sarah said...

You are really doing an awesome job! Although...maybe I shouldn't be cheering for are my competition after all. :)

Winnston said...

Stan, it is good to hold yourself back. Stick to the program and do not do too much too soon.

Look at it this way: If someone told you last year that you would be physically capable of doing what you are doing now, you would not have believed them. Remember that.

You just dropped 7 pounds, so what you are doing is working like an almighty charm. Just keep doing what you are doing - You are in the frikkin zone!

The biggest danger you face is
messing up and getting an injury. that should be a primary concern. It sounds like you are on guard for this and are managing your workload well.

As for connecting with old friends, that tells me alot about the benefits you are getting from the excercise and weight loss.
Good for you.

PS - I will still beat you in the end.;-)

cluck cluck.