Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

So it is a new year. Time for all those resolutions to be decided upon and hopefully kept. Most of them are going to be geared towards weight loss and fitness.

Here are mine:

  1. To run at least a 5K this year. I mean run no walking at all.
  2. Do as many races as possible.
  3. Make new friends and try not to be any more of a social outcast.
  4. Loose my belly and get in a lot better shape.
  5. Not use Elevators for any climb under 4 floors and add to that.
  6. Stay in touch with my friends. I am the worst at this and I vow to be better.
  7. Have one day a week where I do all vegitarian. No meat at all.
Not too difficult.

So today I turned over a new leaf and instead of killing myself out there trying to just run I am going to work on getting to a mile, then go from there. I purchased and downloaded some mp3s that will help me get to this goal. They are called Personal Running Trainer and you can get them here: . I went out and did exactly what the trainer on the mp3 told me to do with a little more cool down since I had to get back home. Came home streached and then iced my shins so I won't get shin splints again.

My plan is tomorrow to hit the Gym and do all strength and ab workouts so I don't overdo it on my legs. Here is my schedule of what I want to do:

  • Sunday: Rest or just hike or something like that nothing to exhausting.
  • Monday: Run with the trainer MP3s. Push ups and sit ups at home.
  • Tuesday: Strength and ab work at the Gym.
  • Wednesday: Run with the trainer MP3s. Push ups and sit ups at home.
  • Thursday: Strength and ab work at the Gym.
  • Friday: Run with the trainer MP3s. Push ups and sit ups at home.
  • Saturday: Strength and ab work at the Gym. Or hike.
This is going to be my plan for the next 4 weeks. Then it will change a little once I work on increasing distance. I plan on hitting this as my next big event and my first 5k that I am going to run as much as possible. If I follow the plan at Personal running trainer I will be just finished with the 8 weeks to a 5k for this race.

I'll keep you updated on how it is going.


WendyBird said...

You are off to a fantastic start! Believe me, when you start hitting your goals, you will feel so good you will never want to go back. My one big suggestion is that you add a few minutes of stretching to each day, it will go a long way in warding off injuries.
I look forward to following your progress! I hope you are keeping a journal of your weight and blood pressure. I think you will be surprised at how fast they go down together.

Sarah said...

Sounds like you have a great plan! I am pulling for you to get that Jeep! :)

Stan said...

Thank you both. I'll do more streching. That is one of my weak points I get bored doing it.

As for the Jeep, once i get it I am going to drive around and meet everyone and show it off :)