Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Marathon Clinic

Tonight I went to a Marathon training clinic with the Pittsburgh Running Meet Up Group I joined. It was very informative and actually quite fun. I am really hooked on this whole running thing. It started with a Doctor speaking who has run 35 Marathons and was one of the founding fathers of the Pittsburgh Marathon. He talked about training and what to do and what not to do from his perspective.

Then the owner of the running store I shop at spoke about shoes and how to select the right pair. He also showed us some short videos of over and under pronators and what to look for.

They both spoke about injuries and afterwards we had a question and answer session with them.

All in all it was a great night and I am glad I went. I met 5 people from the running group there and they want me to go hiking and running with them soon. I can't wait to actually run with someone and not by myself all the time. They also suggested a couple running groups and a couple of runs that happen each week where there are people of all levels of running that I can get together with. That is something I am going to look into also.

Also today I took a walk down to the Library and checked out a couple books on running. After I read them I will let you know my thoughts on them. There are about 100 books on the shelf there so I have a lot of reading to do. :)


Sarah said...

It sounds like you have met a great group of runners! I have read a few running books and always find them to be informtaive and inspirational. I think my fav is Running for Mortals. I would love to hear more about which ones you are reading!

Winnston said...

Stan: Check out books by John Bingham. They are alot of fun and very motivational. Sometimes they can be a bit corny, but not too bad.

Try out No Need For Speed.

I liked it. I think oyu could get something out of it.


Stan said...

Better be a good book.. I walked down there in snow for it :)

I got that one and one on trail running. The first 2 I got were written in the 60s and everything they were saying was umm wrong :P

But there was some good motivational stuff in them.