Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Little About Me

I have been overweight for 29 years. I am almost 40 now. This story starts with me at 283lbs. My blood pressure is high. My health is really poor. I couldn’t even do one sit up or one push up.

Back in September my sister in law decided to do the Great Race here in Pittsburgh PA. She is overweight, has a bad knee and walked the 10k leg of the race. She was the second to last person to finish. In fact they were ripping down the finish line and had to replug in the timer for her to be counted. But she did finish it. While I was sitting there waiting for her to come in watching all the runners and walkers come in I kept thinking to myself, why can’t I do this. Why don’t I do this. So I made a bet with my wife, if I run the great race 5k next year and I mean run not walk, I get a Jeep, if I don’t she gets another Horse.

So I started walking, I walked 4 miles my first time out. And felt like I was going to die. Yeah I know way to much to fast. I know that now. Wish I knew that then. But the next day I did it again, there was pain but it was a little easier. I kept going for about a week and then said hey I should run some. Yeah I know big mistake. So there is this 283lb man in the wrong kind of shoes. Did I also add that my blood pressure had been sky high for years. I mean really high numbers that made the doctors think about admitting me into the hospital. That already has shin splints but doesn’t realize it and thinks its just muscle soreness, trying to run. Needless to say I didn’t go very far maybe if I am lucky a 10th of a mile. And I highly doubt it was that far. That night I hurt. The next day I had to walk a hospital looking for lost equipment and well I hurt. Every step screamed pain and shot fire up through my legs. But I kept going. I looked up running injuries online and saw that I had shin splints or maybe worse. I started icing them, sleeping with my legs elevated and taking it easy. After 2 weeks the pain was gone, but I was scared to death to go back out and do that all over again.

So I joined a Gym. Talked to the people there and they suggested low impact cardio workouts. The first time I got on an elliptical I did 5 mins and thought I was dead. I wasn’t even pushing myself. I kept going back though. Everyday, I would go to the gym and get on that damn machine. I wouldn’t let it beat me.

So here I am now. 245lbs still struggling with holding back, There is so much I want to do and I know I am not ready for it but I want to push myself to be there.


spirit_in_me said... are amazing..your story is terrific and you will get that jeep I know it!! Keep up the awesome work.

Stan said...

Thank you :) Once I get it I am going to drive around and meet everyone that helped me get it in person :)