Monday, February 2, 2009

A Little Less Aggravation on the Bus

I ride a bus to and from work. Lately I have been very aggravated on the bus because it is way over crowded because of most peoples current economical situations. Today though, the bus was packed but everyone was happier. The person sitting next to me even returned my hello. To what was everyone in this town in a better mood for? The Steelers won the Super Bowl last night of course. I know this blog is about my weight loss and my fitness level but I am getting to why this of all things has anything to do with my running.

Last night with seconds left in the first half, James Harrison intercepted a pass and ran it 100 yards to score a touchdown. When he got done he fell to the ground and could hardly breathe. I watched in awe as this man, who gets paid more than I will ever get paid to be in shape. Gasped for breath on national TV and needed oxygen on the sidelines. I am not saying he isn't in shape, what I am saying is that, that is exactly how I was the first time I ran. Now I hardly get out of breath and normally it's my legs that give up on me before my breathing does. James, your the man.... if you ever read this. I live in NY and my name is Mike... don't let the blog owner fool you. :)

With that said, I haven't hit that magical mile yet. I was disappointed at first. But then I sat back and looked at what I have accomplished over the past few months.

  1. I lost 47 lbs.
  2. I lost 3 inches at least on my waist.
  3. I can wear XL shirts again.
  4. I have a ton of energy.
  5. I made a lot of new friends and reconnected with old ones.
  6. I can run 10mins although slow without stopping. When I started I could hardly do 30 seconds.
That is just some of them. There are a lot more. Some I won't ever post on here. But yes I am happy. Someone asked me recently why I don't smile in all the pictures of me. Well I haven't had a reason to, until today. I am smiling right now.

I am close to the mile though. .80 in 10 mins. I figure I can speed it up soon to get to that mile. But I am in no hurry. I am going at a pace that I feel I won't get hurt at. I don't want another set back with pain involved. So, in time I will get there.

When I am out there on the road I am me. I am the person I have wanted to be for so long. No one can take that away from me and I can get that feeling anytime I want to. I can go run, I can get out and do it without answering to anyone. The stress of the days before melts away and becomes nothing but dust in the little wake behind me. I hope that the people who read this and run already agree with me. But mostly, If one person reads this or just listens to me when I talk about it and starts to do what I am doing, this will be more worth it than anything I could ever do.

Let me tell you, you there person on computer, eating unhealthy and feeling like crap all the time. Listen to me about one thing. Once you start... you won't stop, you won't be able to. You'll want more and more and more... and you will get it. So get up and get out there. Come run with me. I'll be waiting......

But for now, I am taking donations for a new wardrobe :P Just kidding.


Sarah said...

Go STAN!!!!! You have come so far! From 30 sec to 10 min of running is huge! Keep up the good work. :)

Winnston said...

I had been meaning to ask you how you were coming along with that mile program. I was thinking about you last night while I was out running and thinking to myself that the mile program was due to be up soon.
.8 in 10 minutes is a pretty major accomplishment. You will definitely get there with the attitude that you have. You are losing weight, inproving your physical performance and doing both continuously. You are on the "can't fail" path. If it takes a little longer, it will just make it all the sweeter when you het there. But I guess you know that.

Anonymous said...

That's too cool... keep up the good work :)
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Scooter said...

You're making great progress. Good Job! Keep it up, and you're right to take your time. It's remarkable what poor aerobic condition pro athletes can be in.

greentigress said...

Wow, amazing amazing numbered progress, so good to read you enjoying it as much as i am... :-)