Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sometimes you have to wonder why we do it...

So last night I went to the stairs yet again. Most of the regulars didn't show up, think the first 50 degree day got them to go outside. But I have a goal, and that number is 6. I want to get that one time before it gets to warm to climb them. Which what I am seeing could be very soon. I think it must have been 80 degrees in there last night. I was soaked even my wicking clothes looked wet.

But, I did 5. Yep I am one time up away from my goal. I honestly could have done 6 last night but I ran out of water and the water from the fountains in there is warm. So it is not too refreshing. Next time I will bring more :)

I tried out some power gel tabs last night to get past the hunger pains. I also loaded up on carbs for lunch so I would have more energy to get up them.

First time up as usual I timed myself. I tried to pace myself a little more. I was feeling great though and I went up 18 without having to stop and that was just to hit the fountain cause I was so thirsty. (I leave my water at the top as an incentive to get up there). So I did that in 13.5 mins. Was awesome!!!

Second time up was a little more painful, it was the heat getting to me. I was soaked through and I had serious doubts about going for more than 2. But the this would be the least you have ever done syndrome got to me and I kept going.

Third time, I decided to try the power gel tab thing. It was lemon and I was really seriuosly worried about putting it in my mouth. How is it going to taste? Well it tasted like a lemon drop so I was good. I popped it in before I hit the elevator down and by the time I got to the bottom I felt a HUGE rush of energy. Damn little thing works I tell ya!

Fourth time up well it was non eventful. I was way hot this time and my heart rate was spiking a lot. I decided on 18 to not go for 5. To not overdo it, But then after 18 I noticed my HR was lower and not spiking as much. Once I got to the top I finished my water bottle and was like well that ends it. But then I said F this.. outloud too :P And took the bottle to the bottom with me to fill up.

Fifth time up. Well My HR never went abouve 150. Not sure if this is due to the tab of a second wind but I felt great. :)

That is it... was a great time. Hopefully next week I will hit that magice 6 which is a vertical 1/2 mile if you are wondering why I set that goal.

Well today is a day off from work, going to the gym to do some strength training. My legs are begging for a day off so I am giving it to them... Although it's 50 out there.... come on guys...heh.....


Sarah said...

You go Stan!! I have not tried the gels yet, but did try Sport Beans. They were good, but VERY sweet. Maybe I just need a differnt flavor.

Happyrunningbunny said...

Yea! I knew you would make it up 5. I really admire your dedication to this. Wait until it warms up and you really get the chance to get out there and start'll be amazed at how quickly you will progress.

Winnston said...

That's great when you can talk yourself out of giving up. That type of experience will come in handy later. Also, I think this is a good example of how the heart rate monitor really helps you out. After you decided to call it quits after 4 times up, if you did not have the ability to see your heart rate coming down, you probably would have been done. But after being able to see objectively that your heart rate was coming back down and leveling off, you new it was ok to keep going. Excellent job.

So what exactly are these power gel tabs that you are popping? What brand/etc? Keep going on taking those and you might be able to try out for the Yankees.

I have tries GU and also CLiff Blocks. I guess they work. I dunno.

Keep it up with the stairs and you are going to need a bigger building!!