Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Back

Don't worry, I didn't die. I took some time off to allow my dang shins to heal up properly. 15 weeks, no running. It was tough, I missed it. I groaned at the loss, but now I am running again... did I mention pain free.

I decided to start over from the begining. To take it slow and easy and not push myself to far. So I am doing just that. Slow, easy, every other day. Not pushing it. If I don't feel right I back off and redo the day. If I think there is any chance of injury, I wait.

So far, I haven't missed or had to redo a day yet. There was one bad day, I couldn't make it the last run. I stopped 20 seconds short. But I trucked on the next time out and it felt like I could go on forever. I didn't though. I am still waiting.

Yesterday, was my first day of week 3. 5 mins of warmup followed by 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 mins running, 3 mins walking then repeat the 90s and 3's again. It was hot, like 80 and humid so it was tough, but I did it. Then I walked for 10 mins to cool down and relax.

It was a good day, there are a lot of good days ahead.

As for racing, not yet, to much too soon. There are plenty of races in the future and besides I have other things planned as well for the summer. But that my friends is another post.

Till then :)


greentigress said...

So happy to see you back!!
It's good to know that you are now enjoying running pain free!!
did you say you always had pain?
if so then slow and easy is the right approach - i started out too fast the first time as well i caved in due to overtraining at 10 k distance but for the last 20 months i have been back for more

Anonymous said...
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