Thursday, June 18, 2009

Major Slacking

Life is really getting busy as of late. I tell ya it's hard enough to find time to do anything outside of work and exercise. I am sorry I haven't been here for so long.

I do have a ton of updates for you all though!

Let me start by saying other than running I have been hiking a lot and riding my bike as well. That being said 2 weeks ago I had a fight with some gravel on the road and well it won. My bike stopped and well to be honest I didn't :P I have a major rip out of my knee and it's all scabby and gross. But it's a battle wound!!!

So for the past 2 weeks I have been babying my knee, well except for last Saturday, I had a 5k planned. On the Thursday before I got out and tried to run but the pain that was shooting up through my leg didn't let me go far. I barley made it a 1/2 mile before I turned around and walked back. I had ice in the car so I iced my knee down and grumbled the whole time. I had this 5k that was planned and paid for, not by me by a friends company and I promised I would be there.

So I intended on running a little of it and walking the rest. But on Saturday morning when I woke up at um 4 am for a 8:30 start. BTW the race was 90 minutes away from my house. We packed up the car and headed out and my knee felt better, not 100% but better none the less. So I said well I won't try for a PR I will just try and see how I do. And if I have to walk most of it so be it.

We got there and I met my friend Betsy and her Hubby and got group photos done of our team. Then we stretched and got to the back of the pack for the start of the race. There was a 10k, 5k run and both in a walk program too. So the walkers waited until all us runners left.
The race started out on a 1/4 mile track then we hit the roads of Somerset PA. For those of you who that don't remember this is where the plane went down on 9-11. After we hit the road the first mile and about a 1/4 was basically flat. It was humid and foggy and I was sweating like a pig but my knee wasn't hurting all that much. More of the scab crunching than anything else. Then I hit the HILL, it was a long one, not very steep but long and drawn out. On this hill I chose my target of who I had to beat. I didn't intend on running most of this so I hadn't picked anyone out. But there was this lady who was pretty far ahead of me and I choose her to pass. She was my target, but after another 1/4 mile I noticed she was pulling away, damn this hill is long. So I forgot about passing her and just ran with some walking of course up the hill. On the hill I heard a huffing and puffing and looked back to see a power walker coming to pass me. Man he was moving for walking. He ended up coming in with 10 min miles. Where was I... well read on :P

At the top of the hill it kinda leveled out and then we hit another little hill. My knee was holding up pretty well and I looked up and still didn't see my target. I kept thinking oh well, I picked someone that was to far ahead to catch. But I kept trucking on. I wasn't walking as much, I am slowly learning pacing. It's very hard to run slow :P

When I started to hear the announcer at the finish line I really felt like I should just keep running harder but I held back because I really wasn't sure how long I had left. I just held my pace and then I saw the fence and the grandstands of the track and knew I was close now. I was really tired and my knee was starting to ache a little and I really wanted water (they didn't have a good water stop on the course) I came through the fence and Betsy was already done and there cheering me on. Just 1/4 mile to go and I looked out and about 1/16 of a mile ahead was my target. I could catch her if I just pick it up a little. So I did, and she did too.... B***h :P I was spent to be honest, even the little I picked it up killed me but I really wanted to pass her. 1/2 way around the track now, she was just ahead but I wasn't gaining I was pacing her. What to do, Oh hell, I went all out at a sprint as fast as I could. I felt great the knee pain melted away, or was hidden by the pain of running this fast. I have been doing speed work but not after 3 miles of hills. She was right there, Right in front of me. I am not sure if she knew I was trying to pass her but I did, I flew by her and across the finish line. 42:31... slow, not a PR but my knee didn't kill me. Then I got my water and I was ready to run more. I was pumped that I passed her.

2 days later Betsy emailed me the link to our photos that we can purchase, and told me something interesting. The start was shotgun, so being at the back of the pack of about 600 people I lost a minute maybe more before I actually hit the starting line. So I more than likely did PR. Just not sure of the time.

This weekend coming up I have an 8 mile hike planned. It is a sweep hike of the Rachel Carson Trail challenge 34 miles. We are sweeping check points 3 -4 then on Sunday I have a 5k trail race. That should be interesting. I'll let you all know if I am still alive after that :)


Sarah said...

Hey there! It is just to see you around again! Congrats on finishing a tough race! Sounds like you have been one busy guy. :)

greentigress said...

Hey,!!! sorry about your knee!!
Hiking is really hard work and i must work out a way of doing it as well as running on holiday next week!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Stan! I'm really looking forward to the ball game next Friday!

WendyBird said...

Great job! I'm glad your knee didn't slow you down. Keep up the great work!

Betsy said...

Way to go, Stan! You did really well and that pic of you (I didn't realize you could buy them. Kinda crappy, hunh!??) looks like you're just strolling in the park - you looked great!! So nice to see you and to meet your wife, too.

Betsy said...

Stan, I have to revisit my comment. I realized this AM while I was running that if you hadn't committed to run that 5k, I wouldn't have either. And if I hadn't, I wouldn't have kept at it. I try to run 3 miles 2-3 times a week now, thanks to you! Just thought you'd want to know. :)

Diana said...

I enjoyed reading your post Stan. Good to see your still at it! Have missed hearing from you!